Episode 58 with Shawn Stevens is now available

Episode 58 with Shawn Stevens is now available. As a young man, Shawn Stevens became a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. He quickly also became a famous actor with roles on hit 70’s and 80’s shows such as Eight is Enough, Chips, Buck Rogers, and the Facts of Life. He starred in the ABC family drama The Mackenzies of Paradise Cove. He also had long running parts in daytime dramas Search For Tomorrow and Days Of Our Lives. He starred in the iconic church video Man’s Search For Happiness. He then put acting on the back burner to focus on family and church. Shawn went through some tough years but found joy working behind the scenes in the film industry. He now does both with a rejuvenated acting career and on-set catering business. Shawn’s story is one of faith, trials and ultimately peace in the gospel that will inspire us all.

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  1. I first attended Hale Theater in Glendale, California, in 1977 and thoroughly loved it. I spent many a time going there on dates with my husband, my mutual class I taught, with my parents. etc. I moved to Arizona in 1995 and then was so happy when a Hale Theater was built in Gilbert, AZ, in the late 1990’s. I believe all the theaters are built in the same style as theater in the round.

    What an enjoyable interview you had with Shawn Stevens. I remember him when he had pictures in the Tiger Beat magazine. I so admire him for the sacrifices he made with his career after being in some of the Latter Day Saint movies. I actually am a big fan of your podcasts. You’ve introduced me to some fantastic people. Keep up the good work!

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