Episode 20 with Garth Smith is now available

Episode 20 of the podcast with Garth Smith is now available! Garth Smith is an amazing musician with a wonderful life story. He is currently touring with his fireside titled “The Hymns: Another Witness of Jesus Christ”. He also recently released a new album of Christmas music. On this episode we discuss his family, music, firesides, involvement with Light The World, and how being a member of the church affects it all. Garth is a brilliant musician but there is much more to him. This is a wonderful, very candid conversation.

1 thought on “Episode 20 with Garth Smith is now available

  1. Garth. My Brother (literally, not figuratively). Excellent interview. You are my hero. It’s so cool to be your brother and be able to say “my brother Garth is doing this” or “my brother Garth is doing that”. You’re a great man, married to a great girl. Thanks for you insight and thoughts, and even though I lived through all that you talked about in this interview, it was great to hear you express it in this forum. It makes your testimony, your love, your giving soul so evident and clear. Thanks for being my brother.

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