Episode 131 with Lynnette Sheppard

Lynnette Sheppard has a degree in family science and always dreamed of being a mother and wife. She had her first child and there were immediately challenges with his behavior that she and her husband did not expect. They felt unprepared and life became very challenging. This continued as she had more children. After years of struggles, she and her husband discovered techniques and a mindset to bring their family more happiness and ultimately prepare their children for adulthood. Things in their family changed dramatically for the better. She became a certified leadership parenting coach and started a blog to share what she has learned. She and her husband then started a podcast called How To Raise Grownups. Their show is personal, funny, emotional and so helpful to the many parents out there facing the challenges and rewards of raising children. Lynnette is so engaging. She is very real and shares her journey of the love, pain and the tremendous joy parenting brings, as well as some tools to make our families stronger.