Episode 129 with Scott Sorenson and Ganel-Lyn Condie

Episode 129 is now available. My guests are Scott Sorensen and Ganel-Lyn Condie, hosts of the very popular Real Talk – Come Follow Me. We first get to know Scott. We talk about his love of sports, his mission to Detroit, how he met his wife, the winding path to reaching his goal of becoming a full time seminary teacher, his struggles with mental health issues and ultimately how he sees these struggles as a true blessing. We then talk to both Scott and Ganel-Lyn about Real Talk. We discuss how it began, the purpose of Come Follow Me, how it affects people everywhere, the overwhelming response they have gotten, their experiences interviewing guests such as Hank Smith and Tim Ballard, and what a blessing Come Follow Me is in light of this week’s announcement to cancel public meetings at church. Scott is a great soul. His enthusiasm for the gospel of Jesus Christ is contagious. His humility and his compassion for others is inspiring. Our long time listeners already know Ganel-Lyn from episode 57. We absolutely love Ganel-Lyn. She is one of our favorite people. Her spirit lights up any room she enters. Together, they are a powerful duo changing lives through teaching the gospel.