Episode 110 with Sal Velluto and Andrew Knaupp of Pillar of Light

Episode 110 is now available. My guests are the creators of PILLAR OF LIGHT, an illustrated graphic novel / comic book coming in the Spring of 2020 to celebrate the bi-centennial of Joseph Smith’s First Vision. Andrew Knaupp is a visual artist and student of Church History who is passionate about telling the stories of the Prophet Joseph Smith. He helped write, art direct, and research The Book of Mormon on Trial, and The Golden Plates Graphic novels, as well as creating a series of historically accurate paintings about Joseph Smith’s Imprisonments called Prisons and Prophets. He has a deep understanding of Joseph Smith and the First Vision. Sal Velluto was born and raised in Italy. He is a well respected comic book artist. He has done work for some of the biggest comic book companies in the world including Marvel and DC. He has illustrated such beloved comics as Black Panther and The Silver Surfer. His diverse body of work also includes illustrating for The Children’s Friend magazine. He is very passionate about his work. In the episode, we hear their stories, talk of their love of art, and what is driving this incredible new project to tell the Joseph Smith story in this art form.